About Eastcotts Parish

Eastcotts Parish consists of the villages of Cotton End and Shortstown, and the hamlets of Harrowden and Herring's Green.  It is situated to the south-east of Bedford, where the A600 road used to run through it.  Eastcotts is one of the oldest parishes, created in 1894.  It boasts two village halls, a Baptist Church, one pub, two schools, two huge airship sheds which can be seen for miles around,  Shocott Spring - a new woodland created as part of the Forest of Marston Vale - and has Elstow Brook running through the northern end. There are 6 farms in the parish, as well as the established Exeter Wood. The total number of people on the electoral roll in December 2016 is 3,110:  650 in Cotton End and 2460 in Shortstown and Harrowden.  Eastcotts is expanding with the Bellway's development where the A600 has been diverted around the newly build part of the  developement encompassing the new build into the heart of Shortstown. 

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Wanted Cotton End Parish Councillors
Do you have a few spare hours per month?  What does a councillor do?  They make decisions on where money should be spent, keep an eye on how well things are going, get involved locally.  Meetings are monthly on the second Monday of the month held in Shortstown Village Hall. Are you elegible? 18 years of age, on the register of electors or own a property or land, work with or live within the Parish for a year prior to being accepted.
More information can be found by talking to one of the councillors whose details can be found on Parish noticeboards and this website or calling the Clerk on 01234 853398 or email to clerk@eastcottspc.co.uk.  You can attend a Parish Council meeting to find out how meetings are run and decisions made. Please see Parish Councillor Role under FAQs  
Eastcotts Parish Council are now taking applications for s137 grants, these are awarded twice a year to groups who in some way benefit one or more members of the community, any group can only be awarded a grant once per year.  If you wish to apply please email the clerk on clerk@eastcottspc.co.uk to request an application form.  Completed forms should reach the clerk by Friday 6th October 2017

Email address, please note that the email address for the clerk is clerk@eastcottspc.co.uk


Upcoming event

Planning & Environmental Committee Meeting

Monday 27 November 2017

Planning & Environmental Committee Meeting