Reporting complaints

Streetlight not working
Pothole in road
Uneven pavements
Debris in road
Overhanging branches
Grass needs cutting

Highways Helpdesk
01234 228661 for any such complaints

Waste, rats and other environmental issues
Bins not being emptied
Bottle bank overflowing
Travellers moving onto open land
Problems with dogs & dog bins

Bedford Borough Council
Environmental Services
Helpdesk: 0800 121 8888

Any other crimes

Community North Rural Community Team
PC 5324 Kerry Jones
Biggleswade Police Station

Station Road


SG18 8AL
Tel 101

Please remember that unless you report a crime to the police, it cannot be acted upon.

Dealing with some of the above issues are the responsibility of the Parish Council, for example some grass in the parish belongs to the parish, as does some open land. However, if you go through one of the above routes, you will be told who has responsibility.

Any of the above problems can be reported directly to the or 01234 853398, who will pass on the complaint to the relevant authority.